• RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 000

    [Ink sketch of eight-pointed star]
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 004

    On breathing the
    Nitrous Oxide
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 013

    The seed of future life
    [Heavy deletion with an insertion, also deleted]
    Of wondrous generations yet unborn
    Drops in the nurturing bosom of the
    Teaming with love.
    Though the wide first chilling wintry
    Tears from their stately seat
    The beauteous blossoms of the lofty flower
    Last of its lovely race & nips its leaves
    And wounds it bark.
    so beautiful
    Yet does it leave a …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 014

    Mortality in dim & anxious <verges in dimming> fears
    On unexistence unknown death.
    Yet after misery, does the joys
    Of come summers to the [?xxxx] soul
    Of fair existence rise
    More vivid in the mind, more wonderful
    Arise The unearthly <lovely> dreams of hope
    Implete with life…
    [Horizontal …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 015

    with the whole tenor of his varied
    thoughts –
    is the wild action of the
    fury pain
    The harsh agency. –
    Of awful pain. –
    Amidst the [?xxxy] remembered trains
    Of new & varying thoughts
    Lives as unfelt as that harsh
    mountain breeze. –
    blowing upon a wanderers
    cheek, whose eye –
    Feasts on the immensity of
    Natures works
    Where Nature is sublime
    & beautiful. …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 023

    Observations on Cornwal

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 031

    Mr D. , We are in heaven
    she cried, Eternally blessed
    spirit, we are soaring
    thro the feilds of celestial
    glory. the darkness of the
    grave the pains of
    death we shall remember
    no more. –
    Quere? does not the blood in
    circulating through the brain &
    nerves supply (the ultimate atoms
    to the mind which constitute
    ideas –
    [Horizontal rule]
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 032

    1. Invocation (description & definition of
    Genius / its origin / description of the
    infant organised so as to be
    capable of genius how its sensibilities
    must be nourished so as to
    produce sublime emotion. –
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 048

    so wonderfully constituted is
    the organisation of man
    that pain is uniformly
    connected either with breaks
    in the associations of
    our motions or with
    the production of energy
    by being modified by
    pleasure or with the
    separation from of
    voluntary [?motions/actions] from
    our general aggregate.
    Even the pain of disease
    cannot be lost it must
    attach itself to some
    parts of our nature &
    the association of analogy
    will direct it …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 054

    That which does not extend to sensible distances ie
    ‘attraction’ such as is found to obtain in
    the minute particles whereof bodies are
    composed which attract each other at or near
    the point of contact with a force much superior
    to that of gravity; but which at any distance
    from it decreases much further than the
    power of gravity. This power a [?late] ingenious
    Author chooses to call …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 055

    cohesion takes place only between particles of
    the same nature. These instead of touching
    in one superficies only as in adhesion
    touch in every point where their figure
    will allow of contact: consequently the
    force of cohesion also must depend upon
    the figure of the particles. –
    Affinity unites bodies of a different
    nature not merely by one superficies
    as cohesion does but particle
    [Horizontal rule]
    Quere how far must the old …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 056

    composing the universe & between the
    molecules of each body –
    These only must be regarded as
    chemical & it only belongs to
    Chemistry the explanation of the
    Theory of them. –
    page [?87]. Vo1
    Berthollet has supposed in his essay
    on affinity that the anomaly
    depends upon – Mass –
    [Horizontal rule]
    – In the rich & privil[?d]ledged
    orders <who are ultimately> the guardians of
    refinement, & of civilization
    & …