• RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 001

    An unshaped mass of living sentiment
    My feelings were the feelings that
    the voice
    of nature gives to man. –
    And in my peaceful bosom was
    the love of nature mingled
    with the love of man. –
    And with no sophistry no damned
    convert unto the purpose of his
    soul – The eternal thoughts of
    [Horizontal rule]
    To me no shaping intellect had given
    The everlasting laws which her sons
    The many days …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 002

    And in the breeze that swept the dry
    and parched desart
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 003

    Romance on the establisment
    – of Religion –
    – Scene – China –
    Time before the deluge. –
    [Horizontal rule]
    Achmet the son of Abdalla
    is born in the beautiful
    vally of Ur is taught philosophy
    by his Uncle Agnactae –
    He falls in love with
    Ugbec the daughter of
    one of the a anticreationists
    Illa who is attempting actuated
    by ambition to impose a
    new religion upon – the Urrites, –
    their …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 005

    Shall I renounce the countenance
    living in <the> beauty of expression
    shall I give up the articulately
    sounding voice whose gentle sound
    has so often lull’d me to
    repose to worship the dry
    & unmeaning word benevolence
    no let me live a son a
    [?xx] brother & a lover, let
    me die a father a
    husband a friend &
    a father.
    On breathing the Nitrous Oxide
    Not in the …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 006

    Yet are my limbs with inward
    transports thrilld
    And clad with new born
    mightiness around –

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 007

    The life of the Spinosist
    The insensate dust is seen to t
    The dust insensate rises into life.
    The liquid dew is lovely in the
    The liquid dew becomes the rosy
    The o The Spinosist
    Lo oër the earth the kindling
    spirits pour
    The spark <seeds> of life that <span style="text-decoration: ...

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 008

    2 Linked to the whole the human mind
    1 No sameness & no <deep> identity divine
    4 & Changful as is the surface of the
    3 Impressible as is the blue [ms obscured] moving sky
    To scattered thoughts some unknown laws
    are given
    By which they join & move in
    circling …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 009

    To view the heavens with solar <morning>
    radiance white bright
    Majestic mingling with <the> still
    blue sea ocean blue. –
    filled by the a thousand silver
    & played upon by ten thousand
    cloudless breezes
    To view the meadows <forests> green
    the mountains white
    The peopled plains of rich
    & varyied hue. –
    To feel the …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 010

    oer their grey head their life
    diffusing ray
    To die in agony & In many days
    To give to Nature all her
    stolen powers
    Etherial fire to feed the solar
    Etherial dew to feed the
    earth in showers.
    [Horizontal rule]
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 011

    As the blue flower [?xxxxx] neglected
    in the mountain beat by every
    breeze. yet it feels the sunshine.
    the mountain torrent. –
    When the wild tempest roars &
    Though no delight beams in the eye
    Or vibrates in the ear
    When the wind roars & the agitated heaven
    Dark with <in> the thunder cloud mingles with earth
    Her children dews
    In big …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 012

    pregnant with life
    And turns its roots
    To the vivifying dews
    pregnant with [?xxxxxx] life
    And vivifying power
    Though on the blue & lowly flower.
    Nursed by the dews of spring
    Upon the wild & life deserted heath
    The blasts of ocean blow, the electric fires
    lights terrible
    Yet does it <[?x]> <sometimes> feel the …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 013

    The seed of future life
    [Heavy deletion with an insertion, also deleted]
    Of wondrous generations yet unborn
    Drops in the nurturing bosom of the
    Teaming with love.
    Though the wide first chilling wintry
    Tears from their stately seat
    The beauteous blossoms of the lofty flower
    Last of its lovely race & nips its leaves
    And wounds it bark.
    so beautiful
    Yet does it leave a …