• RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 001

    An unshaped mass of living sentiment
    My feelings were the feelings that
    the voice
    of nature gives to man. –
    And in my peaceful bosom was
    the love of nature mingled
    with the love of man. –
    And with no sophistry no damned
    convert unto the purpose of his
    soul – The eternal thoughts of
    [Horizontal rule]
    To me no shaping intellect had given
    The everlasting laws which her sons
    The many days …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 002

    And in the breeze that swept the dry
    and parched desart
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 008

    2 Linked to the whole the human mind
    1 No sameness & no <deep> identity divine
    4 & Changful as is the surface of the
    3 Impressible as is the blue [ms obscured] moving sky
    To scattered thoughts some unknown laws
    are given
    By which they join & move in
    circling …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 014

    Mortality in dim & anxious <verges in dimming> fears
    On unexistence unknown death.
    Yet after misery, does the joys
    Of come summers to the [?xxxx] soul
    Of fair existence rise
    More vivid in the mind, more wonderful
    Arise The unearthly <lovely> dreams of hope
    Implete with life…
    [Horizontal …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 021

    institution of laws. Battle
    with the horebites communion
    with God on Mount
    Sinai. – end. –
    Mosaic acct of creation
    – Moses – A great but enthusiastic man
    – Zipporah – His superior in reasoning
    powers & in sensibility
    Pharoah A despot. –
    – Jethro – a Wonder a philosophic priest
    Joshua – A Hero. ie a murderer
    Hur –
    Miriam the prophetess the
    sister in law of Aaron –
    A wonderful …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 028

    Such was the nature of her mind that
    whilst she tore up the scabious the thistle
    & the groundsel, the ivy she spared
    the violet & the daisy. She was
    sometimes scolded for not weeding
    clean; but her smile the present of
    the nosegay of weeds in which the
    selected the sweetest of the wild
    inhabitants of the fields soon made
    her peace. She was respected &
    loved. –
    Her visits …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 029

    Marrish in health had born his misfortunes
    with fortitude; but pain had unnerved
    his mind & his last hopes sunk
    beneath the accumulated weight of
    disease & misery. –
    His cough increased the pain in
    his chest became more acute, He
    was either chilled or burnt by
    the paroxysms of an acute disease.
    The successions of hopes & fears which
    occupy common minds in the last stage
    of consumption had no …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 031

    Mr D. , We are in heaven
    she cried, Eternally blessed
    spirit, we are soaring
    thro the feilds of celestial
    glory. the darkness of the
    grave the pains of
    death we shall remember
    no more. –
    Quere? does not the blood in
    circulating through the brain &
    nerves supply (the ultimate atoms
    to the mind which constitute
    ideas –
    [Horizontal rule]
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 032

    1. Invocation (description & definition of
    Genius / its origin / description of the
    infant organised so as to be
    capable of genius how its sensibilities
    must be nourished so as to
    produce sublime emotion. –
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 036

    She ran along the side of
    brook to the bottom of
    the hill she stretched out
    her little hands & sent
    the silver sounds of her voice
    over the wave to meet
    him –
    They lived in peace Mary
    had attained her tenth year.
    Her mind vigorously impressed
    by every surrounding object
    had attained the habit of
    reacting upon its ideas. She
    had learnt from language
    of changes in futurity & her
    romantic ideas of …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 037

    filled with sensibilities, sometimes
    she thought of death of
    the old age of her mother
    & the death of her father
    & was miserable. –
    Her acquaintance was at
    this time enlarged by the
    addition of a family of
    Farmers who came to settle
    in the hill, the magnesian
    soil of the lizard covered with
    fine grass & capable of
    feeding sheep [?off] had long
    offered a prospect – of success
    to …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 038

    must necessarily impress the mind
    of all men. Writing & speaking
    are arts like music & painting
    to express some of them only. –