• RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 000

    [Ink sketch of eight-pointed star]
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 002

    And in the breeze that swept the dry
    and parched desart
  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 003

    Romance on the establisment
    – of Religion –
    – Scene – China –
    Time before the deluge. –
    [Horizontal rule]
    Achmet the son of Abdalla
    is born in the beautiful
    vally of Ur is taught philosophy
    by his Uncle Agnactae –
    He falls in love with
    Ugbec the daughter of
    one of the a anticreationists
    Illa who is attempting actuated
    by ambition to impose a
    new religion upon – the Urrites, –
    their …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 006

    Yet are my limbs with inward
    transports thrilld
    And clad with new born
    mightiness around –

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 012

    pregnant with life
    And turns its roots
    To the vivifying dews
    pregnant with [?xxxxxx] life
    And vivifying power
    Though on the blue & lowly flower.
    Nursed by the dews of spring
    Upon the wild & life deserted heath
    The blasts of ocean blow, the electric fires
    lights terrible
    Yet does it <[?x]> <sometimes> feel the …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 017

    – Moses –
    Book I
    The ?x
    The sun had scattered from the midst of heaven
    Over the desart skirts his parching light
    Beneath the green plant now the patient sheep
    whose shading leaves
    Waved to the mountain breeze,
    the thirsty sheep
    loud & shrilling roused
    Reposed & watchful as the day flees roused
    Approached of the brown [?dxxxxx], hid
    Was heard

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 019

    the great festival of the God of
    nature customs of the michanites
    Moonlight scene & reflections of
    Jethro on the system of the
    Universe –
    History of Moses. His earliest
    impressions connected with pharoah
    Daughter: His Knowledge of his
    family. &c. –
    3 Growing love of Moses & Zipporah
    Moses agrees to stay with Jethro
    their happy pastoral life. –
    Moses in wandering in the desart
    falls down the cataract meets
    with Miraim, she …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 020

    Meets Aaron sees his mother
    secret confid conference at
    the pyramids. Goes & speaks
    to Pharoah who was the
    companion of his youth
    Jacobinical sentiments Pharoah
    calls the magicians (reference
    to these in 2d): visits
    Pharoahs daughter she supplicates
    him – the plagues –
    lamentation for the death
    of the first born –
    5. March through the
    desart Moses miraculous appearance
    of the son of God destruction
    of Pharoah & his …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 021

    institution of laws. Battle
    with the horebites communion
    with God on Mount
    Sinai. – end. –
    Mosaic acct of creation
    – Moses – A great but enthusiastic man
    – Zipporah – His superior in reasoning
    powers & in sensibility
    Pharoah A despot. –
    – Jethro – a Wonder a philosophic priest
    Joshua – A Hero. ie a murderer
    Hur –
    Miriam the prophetess the
    sister in law of Aaron –
    A wonderful …

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 023

    Observations on Cornwal

  • RI MS HD/13/C

    RI MS HD/13/c, p. 024

    She led the way the maiden light of foot
    From the burning light of heaven sequestered
    They passed through palm groves
    from the burning light
    Of Heaven sequestered where the morning
    Still spread their lustre oer the mossy
    soil –
    They passed through meadows
    moistened <watered> where a <by a> [?yellow] stream
    On whose cool <swift> waters cooled by
    mountain …